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Switzerland EuropeSwitzerland is a small county in Europe surrounded by France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria and Italy. It is located at Central Europe and is traversed by pathways connecting Northern and Southern Europe. The languages spoken in Switzerland are German, French, Italian and Romanche. The capital of Switzerland is Berne. The prominent cities in Switzerland are Basle, Zürich, Geneva and Lausanne and the largest city is Zürich. The Switzerland country is bordered by Germany to the north, France to the west, Italy to the south, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east. The Switzerland comprises three basic topographical areas and that are the Swiss Alps, the Swiss plateau or "middleland", and the Jura mountains along the northwest border with France.

Switzerland Dimensions

Switzerland AttractionsSwitzerland has an area of 41285 square Kilo meters which translates to 15940 square miles or approximately 1, 02, 01,746 acres. The boundary of Switzerland runs around 1858 Kilo meters or 1150 miles. Out of this, Germany borders a length of 346 Km (215 miles) followed by France which borders 572 Kilo meters. The country which shares its border more prominently with Switzerland is Italy covering a length of 734 Km or 456 miles. Liechtenstein is a landlocked alpine country which borders Switzerland on its west with a length of 41 Km or 25 miles. Austria is the eastern neighbor of Switzerland which and both countries share a common border of 165 Km or 103 miles.

The largest extension of Switzerland in the North –South direction is 220Kms or 137 miles and across the West-East direction, it is a whopping 348 Kilo meter or 216 miles.

Switzerland Tour SiteAlong the latitude, the most northern dimension is Oberbargen (N 47° 48' 35") and the most southern dimension is Chiasso (N 45° 49' 08"). Along the Longitude, the most western dimension is Chancy (E 5° 57' 24") and the most eastern dimension is Piz Chavalatsch (E 10° 29' 36").

Mount Monte Rosa with a height of 15200 feet is the mountain with the highest elevation in Switzerland .Monte Rosa is 4634 meters above sea level. Lake Maggiore is the least elevated point in Switzerland. Switzerland shares the same time zone of Central Europe because Switzerland is located in the area covered under the Central European time zone (CET) also known as Middle European Time Zone. It is one hour ahead of Greenwich Time.

The whole of Switzerland is divided into three major Geographical areas. Alps or Alpen covers 60% of the total geographical area. Middle land or “Mittleland” covers 30% of the area followed by .. Jura , which covers only 10% of the total geographical area of Switzerland.

Switzerland quarters / cantons

The Swiss Conferderation [ Switzerland ] consists of 26 quarters/cantons:
  • Switzerland WebSiteAargau
  • Appenzell A.Rh.
  • Appenzell I.Rh.
  • Basel-Landschaft
  • Basel-Stadt
  • Bern
  • Freiburg
  • Genf
  • Glarus
  • Graubünden
  • Jura
  • Luzern
  • Neuenburg
  • Nidwalden
  • Obwalden
  • Swiss Europe cantonsSchaffhausen
  • Schwyz
  • Solothurn
  • St. Gallen
  • Tessin
  • Thurgau
  • Uri
  • Waadt
  • Wallis
  • Zug
  • Zürich
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